Modern Proverbs
by Ms. Solomon
Someone once asked me, "Why don't you attend church? Who is your covering?" I replied, "I am the Church and I am Covered by the Blood of the Lamb!"
"Why should I go to church and listen to the pastor when I know more than him and he listens to me?"
"It is not your money that makes you look big, it is not the crowds that you attract. It is not the television station(s) that you appear on, or the amount of miles that you have flown. When you become "Big" in "My Eyes," It will be when your words do for "ME," what "MY WORDS" have done for you!"

"Only a fool seeks to build his own legacy;
But a wise man works diligently from his heart.
In turn, God will cause the people to build the wise man's legacy,
whether they like him or not."​​​
                                      -Alicia Solomon​

"A wise man take heed and listen when wisdom speaks;
A fool run and covers his inward parts."​​​
                                                            -Alicia Solomon​

"It is easy for the strong man to overtake a fool;
The fool opens the doors wide to his house,
and invite the people in."​​
"The Righteous Man does not follow the crowd;
his steps are ordered by the Lord."​
"Men, marry a woman with a great name;
or else she will take you to court for yours."​
"A foolish man seek beautiful women;
But a wise man's wife will build his kingdom."​
"I have more insight about the Mind of Solomon;
From writing Proverbs."​

"Work is a curse to men.
The Blessing of the Lord gives rest from your labor."​​

"Some Proverbs are like Parables;
It takes a Wise Man to figure it out."​
"The wicked man search the Blessed man both day and night,
Looking for what he can find for his dishonest gain.
The Lord laugh;
"the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the Righteous."'
-Ms. Solomon & Proverbs 13:22​

"Aged men despise their crown;
They dye their hair."​
"The Blessed Man keeps his Table spreaded;
For the children love to visit and eat!"​
"A Wise Man can Build up a GREAT Nation;
A fool cannot raise his own child."

"Men, do not marry a woman in poverty; but marry a women that you will give everything to."
"Do not let the fool intimidate you about being single; most marriages end in divorce."
"It is wise not to fight with the Righteous Man; the Arms of the Lord are Strong and He is Mighty in battle."
                        -Alicia Solomon

"The true MEASURE of success is the LENGTH of TIME you put forth an EFFORT."
"If you listen to God instead of people, the people will then, listen to you."
"You may feel like racial discrimination against others will not embarrass you; until your children grow up and go to History Class."
"The Leader writes Proverbs for a leader to follow; the follower listens to the quotes of others."
"A fool will sell his most valuable possession, and eat for one day; A Wise Man will "sell All that he has and buy it!"'
-Ms. Solomon & Matt. 13:46

"Only a fool would treat you bad, ignore, and look over you yesterday, tell you that it will change today, and expect a better tomorrow."
"It is better for the Lord to SMILE on you
than for Him to LAUGH at you!"

​"Out smart crazy people by letting them "think" you are stupid;
Out smart fools by letting them "think" you don't know what's goin' on."
                               -Alicia Solomon​
"When the wicked man want to buy himself a little more time for being unprepared,
he will tell the blessed man that he is out of season,
and believe just what he say."​​

"It is easy to move forward in life without looking back; 
Especially, when you left a long time ago."
-Alicia Solomon​​
"If you should fail, fail because of a choice that you made and not because of following the choices of other people."
-Alicia Solomon​
"The blessing maketh crooked places straight."
-Ms. Solomon​
"Ladies, your husband can locate you where you are,
and not where you appear to be."
-Ms. Solomon​​​
"When God deliver you out of something,
it is wise not to look back;
For a pillar of salt will always
remain stuck in the situation."
-Alicia Solomon​​​​​
"A King can make a fairy tale a reality,
become known as a hero, and live as a knight in shining armor,
when he rescues a damsel in distress."
Hail to the King
​-Alicia Solomon​​​​​​
"If you can't meet or shake hands with the leaders of today, you always have the opportunity to be around great leaders of tomorrow."
-Alicia Solomon​
"Ladies, you turn men on by your intelligence; but you make men respect you by staying with one man."
-Ms. Solomon​
"A wise man grows wiser with age;
a fool becomes an old fool. ​
"I give myself permission to look like a Trillionaire, while single as a Dollar Bill, and without a lot of Money in my pocket!"
-Ms. Alicia Solomon​