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Introduction to what I am about to do. Listen closely!
This is my good friend, A.K.A. "John." John is a single, professional, good-looking, father (now). John encourages and gives advice to women that are single, educated, and independent!
Exam for John
My wonderful friend Eric, is an amazing man that had to endure a divorce. Although that was not what he wanted, he talks about what he learned from his situation and he gives advice to women on how to get and keep a good man!
Exam for Eric
"Max" is from the island of Trinidad and Tobago and has enjoyed his stay in America. However, Max does not find peace with his American woman.
​Listen to find out why.
Exam for Max
Everybody, please welcome another east coast friend of mine, "Tye!" Tye is this handsome, good-looking, single, and successful male that you would assume would be taken. Tye is a sweetheart that teaches women the right way to go even though women don't always show him the proper love back!
Exam for Tye
Someone that I know sent me this video clip a few days ago when they found out what I was doing on my site.  After reviewing this video clip, I felt that it would be necessary for my followers to view this video clip as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, please listen carefully to this unknown speaker.
Listen up ladies as this great guy, "Jeff," tells you what to do in order to be attractive to a man and how to go about entering and being in a relationship!
Exam for Jeff
This multiracial man comes from many backgrounds such as Italian, French, Asian, Indian, and African American. He is a business owner that is also blessed to be musically inclined from up North. Everyone welcome "Mr. Do Right" and listen as he talk to the girls!!!
Exam for Mr. Do Right
The man in this picture was born and raised in Africa. After moving to America, this man found an American wife that could ADAPT to his culture and someone that UNDERSTOOD him as a man. This couple decided to have an African traditional wedding right here in America.
On the flip side, Max used to tell me that he was tired of his African American woman that never understood him. Max stated that for his wedding in South Dallas, he jumped the broom, ate cornbread, greens, and neck bones at her family church. Max is sick of the "American" way.
Ask Yourself These Questions:

How relevant are biblical scriptures when they talk about how women should conduct themselves?
As a woman, do you consider yourself to be a wife?
Ladies, how will you change your thinking and lifestyle patterns with men now that you have reviewed the resources listed?

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up as Louis, my Nigerian friend from Africa, tell you the difference between Nigerian and American women. What is allowed to happen in America is not tolerated in Africa, ladies. Some of you better be glad that you are American born citizens.
There will not be an exam for this recording. However, I want to leave you with a thought: "Americans may look down on other countries and foreigners, but at least they have enough class not to put up with "hood-rat slut culture."'
Join Alicia for a discussion and over-view!
My next guest is a very good friend of mine from New York City. This man is so full of wisdom, knowledge and revelation. He is Spanish and going by the code name of Sage. Sage is going to talk to you about the ladies and relationships. Since we spoke, I have been quickened and speaking words over my life everyday. I have never heard such a Revelation ever before. If you have never listened to all of the recordings, you have to listen to this entire conversation as Sage explain,
"Your Spirit, Your Life, Your Words, & Your Breath."
(My future work)​​
Just like King Solomon had a lot of women...
​ for the time being,
​I will have a lot of men.
Queen Solomon
To all of those that are in a "meaningful" relationship: This is what you and your mate are supposed to look like.
Brought to you by, Sex-E!
All of the information uploaded on my Sex-E page that I do not speak out of my mouth, is congruent to what I would say. It is not so much that I am learning new things. However, I will tell you when I have been taught something in order to give credit where credit is due. I have guests, videos, and other resources to take the stress away from me having to talk and prepare to come before you because I wear many hats and I am needed in many areas to work. Everything that I upload is true, effective, and will bring you great success "if" you adhere to it. So please, utilize this page and make sure that you engage in all of the activities and resources available so that you can get a new perspective and win in your relationship(s) with the opposite sex! ​For this is the power and the impact of Sex-E!​

Gentlemen, if you keep tuning in, Sex-E will help you to WIN and your world will then go round! Your turn is next!!!
Recap & Helpful Information for the Ladies!
Ladies, take notes from your boy, Kevin, because "he" can tell you better than I can!
Okay ladies, This is it for now. I am a witness that these things that I told you work. I wouldn't tell you a lie. Sex-E is for winners because I am a winner! You have to learn how to keep a man at your fingertips so that you can ALWAYS have someone to reach out to when you need him. However, this is not even half of what I know and can teach you. I will ONLY upload a limited amount of information on my site; and then the rest, you will have to PAY for it one day. As I close out, listen to this song so that as you learn, you will gain confidence and hopefully find love at its best!
I was going to upload the video to this song, but I found this recording online performed on the Steve Harvey's Morning Show and I like it very much. I remember listening to it on the radio. (I just love live performances!) I have this girl's album and I listen to it when I am driving on the road. Please pick up the album today for it is all about "Love!" This song is, "Love Won't Leave Me Out" by Chrisette Michele everybody.
Ladies, no matter what size these women are, the one thing that makes them sexy to a man is their...
Wear it well, because it is Sex-E on U and attractive to Men!
The Things Men Need To Know About Women In Order To Be Successful With The Ladies.
So, guys you think you know women huh? Well, this section will teach you about women and help you to understand her as well. Afterwards, you will have what it takes to truly love your woman and have a WINNING relationship with her. But 1st, lets play a little game to see how much men know about women. For now, I want you to take notes and write significant things from this video clip.
5 Things Men Need To Know About Women
The Game
Ladies and gentlemen, these models are from a clothing company that I love to purchase from. You cannot watch these plus sized women and tell me that they don't have it going on! A lesson that young women should understand that my grandmother taught me, "Cover yourself because a long dress is what a "husband" want!" Be classy and not trashy. Go ahead plus sized girl and be Sex-E because you are, "Cute in the Face and Thick in the Waist!!!"
My new Fragrance for Women!
​Ali J. Solomon
5 Things Men Need To Know About Women:
*​Never stop chasing her
*Women love sex, but approach it differently
*Women need emotional closeness to feel secure in a relationship
*Women are capable or doing everything, but it doesn't make her happy; Help her out!
*Tell her you lover her in the middle of a fight.​​​​​
Since everybody liked "The Sage" so much, I decided to bring him back for another round. Listen to what he has to say about the things that women want.