No matter where I am, no matter what I do; if you see me, or if I am hidden from your view; just know that at all times, I am winning because, I am a winner. It's in my blood!
The Gold "Mind"
Dig deep within because you never know what you might find!
If you are going to follow someone, make sure that you follow someone that is a trailblazer, a history maker, a world changer, and a leader of all times. Mr. Nelson Mandela left behind large foot prints for all of those that dare to be a symbol of greatness. Now that he has joined the "Honorable Hall of Fame" and is resting with his fathers, who on earth will be next? Ask yourself, "Am I living the type of life and doing the things that could make my name great and make me an everlasting remembrance?" For these are signs of the Blessing.
How to Deal with "Junk" Behavior
If men were more like these men, I can guarantee you that I would have been married by now. These kind are hard to find. I refuse to settle for less than the best. Until I find one, "Lonely" and I are going to make the best of friends.
Sin is Sin, Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong. Any lifestyle that is against the Word of God is Sin and that ungodly lifestyle will lead you to a place called HELL. Sin includes things such as:
LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, FORNICAITON, ADULTRY, HOMOSEXUALITY, and MURDER. I urge you to make Wise Choices about YOUR future, ETERNITY, and about How and Where you want to live FOREVER. Don't make the mistake of investing in your future and your children's future by ONLY thinking about the temporal things in the earth. Gain vision and look beyond what you can see with YOUR EYES and know that WHAT YOU DO and HOW YOU LIVE NOW, WILL DETERMINE whether you receive LIFE or DEATH.
"Your Spirit, Your Life, Your Words, & Your Breath"​
The people that did not hesitate to help me the most were people that have kids out of wed-lock, they drink a lil bit, they commit fornication, they lie, they have went though the divorce and refused to go backwards, they don't make enough money, they are unsure about their personal and intimate relationships, they go to strip clubs, they broke their engagement, they go partying, they throw away money, they do not invest, they live from day to day; and refuse to worry about tomorrow, they are not loyal to people, but they have a good heart.
Lord, I thank you for all the "bad" people in the world and I thank you that they have been such a GREAT help and friend to me!​
The Greatness Of Bad People
My body is not for sale, BUT it will be used to model and sell my own clothing line, Physique: Thick, and my undergarment line,Secure. I will hire my sisters and family to model my designs!
Owner and Designer, Ms. Alicia Solomon